A Not-So Beginner’s Guide To The Unity Editor

Now I can’t reinvent the wheel on navigating the basic Unity layout, and I definitely can’t change how to download Unity and it’s Hub. There’s plenty of resources that explain it. Choose the version which is right for you, and install the packages you want to build your applications for. (Even then, these can be done later as needed). But I’m sure we can all agree the default layout isn’t the best.

Instead, give the 2 by 3 layout a try, and drag the Project tab to the bottom half of the Hierarchy tab. Now change the Project tab to One Column View, and you’re set for a much easier workflow!

As a huge advocate of keyboard shortcuts and working quickly and efficiently, I am disappointed at the lack of default shortcuts for creating new assets. If anyone can point me to an existing extension it would be much appreciated. Otherwise I will look at creating my own in the Shortcuts manager.

Who doesn’t love a dark mode for their apps right? The most important tip for any Unity user is to go into Edit > Preferences > General and select the Dark theme. You’ll thank me later!



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