Altering Pre-Built Texture Maps

Calum Slee
3 min readApr 10, 2022


With the creation of our Sci Fi scene so far — see more here — we have used pre built assets from GameDevHQ’s Filebase plugin. Let’s look at a method of making the scene a bit more unique!

All meshes allow for one or more materials, containing various overlaying textures, letting us dress up objects with detail. The great thing is, these are entirely editable, enabling us to alter pre-created assets. Accessing these in Unity is simple, if we select the object we want to change, and double click on the material, it will direct us to the material in the Inspector.

Here, we can see the various textures used to make up the material. We want to manipulate the color of this object, so lets focus on the Albedo Transparency on the Base Map.

To achieve this, we need to open up the texture we would like to change in the image editing software of our choice. Right clicking and selecting Show In Explorer will lead us to the image location on our device. For editing the image, there are various options on the market, with everyone knowing about Photoshop. For this, I’m going to use GIMP which is free but still very powerful.

Within GIMP there’s many different things we could do to the texture, I’m not an artist though, so I simply want to manipulate the color. Using tools such as the Hue-Saturation allows us to quickly change the color as seen below.

We can also adjust the Saturation to brighten or dull the colors. If we now save our work, our texture will be updated in Unity.

The possibilities are near endless, if we know which surfaces take the parts of the texture map, we could start drawing more detail and making the whole asset a lot more unique. A quick tip to achieve this, would be to open up the fbx model itself in modelling software such as Blender or Cinema4D, to then view which part of the texture map certain faces of the model are on.