Automatic Animations Using Blended List Cameras

Calum Slee
2 min readAug 4, 2022


To create sequential movements between our Virtual Cameras, we can use Cinemachine’s Blend List Camera component. The Blend List Camera allows for multiple virtual cameras to be it’s children, and then creating a timed sequence as to how the main virtual camera moves through the positions.

This can be much more beneficial than using the animator or Timeline to create transitions, as doing so then limits any procedural changes. For more dynamic systems during gameplay, this may not work. But for consistent animations, a Blend List Camera can work wonders.

A simple example of this, is setting up a view through a security camera, that simply scans from left to right. To achieve this, we can have two virtual cameras as children, one for the leftmost angle, and the other for the right.

Now within our Blend List Camera we can create a looping sequence with hold times as well as how long each transition takes.

We could very easily add more functionality to these cameras with the Body and Aim features, as well as creating longer, more advanced sequences. Especially when we have proper gameplay to follow. But even with this two camera setup, we can see a quick, efficient ‘animation’ system for a moving security camera!