Diving back in to Cinemachine and Timeline

Last year, I created a short project called ‘The Great Fleece,’ which focused on using Cinemachine and Timeline to create cutscenes for a cinematic stealth game. More about this project can be viewed and downloaded on my website.

With further updates to Unity and it’s packages since then, I wanted to take a deeper dive into the various elements of each.

Cinemachine is a Unity package that handles the logic of using various cameras, such as tracking, blending and cutting between shots. This allows for movie-like, cinematic gameplay and cutscene sequences, without the need to script everything manually. Due to the different camera elements in Cinemachine working procedurally, we can make ongoing adjustments within the game scene, without breaking camera shots.

Timeline is another Unity package that is used to link various elements together sequentially, allowing for the creation of events such as cut-scenes and game-play sequences. This is done through a visual arrangement window, controlling various GameObjects and their attached components such as the Animator.

Using these two packages together, we can easily create smart camera systems, that can then follow various sequences throughout our games!

Over the next few articles, I’ll be diving in to the different Cinemachine camera types.



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