How To Build and Test Your Unity Game

Let’s look at building our game so we can test it outside of the Unity Editor and potentially share it with our friends, peers, or the public.

To do so, we need to open our build settings. For now we can just select our PC, Mac & Linux Standalone option so as to be able to test easily on our computer.

If we look down the bottom left of this window, we can find the Player Settings.

In here, the key point to look at is the Player tab. This allows us to append a Product name, a Company name, and a version number. We could also add textures for icons and cursors, to make our application stand out. Unity allows us to make our applications our own.

For a simple build and test there isn’t much more that needs to be done. Hit build and direct the files somewhere appropriate.

Now we have a build folder with an application for our game inside. Here, we can test our game as a standalone build, and can also confirm hitting the escape key exits the application as per yesterday’s article.



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