How To Host Unity Games On The Web

Now that we have tested our Build, let’s upload it to the internet! For smaller games, the best practice is to create a different build that can be run directly from a web page.

If we go to our Build Settings and select WebGL we will get an error message. This is because of our Color Space setting we set up for Post Processing. To fix this, we can select our Player Settings.

Let’s switch the Color Space back to Gamma for this build. Now if we return to the previous window, we can Build our WebGL Project.

To upload this build to the web. We can simply make use of or who allow us to host our builds for free! Simply add the build folder, and fill in the settings as you desire, then share the link with the world!

Unfortunately, since I am using Wwise for my audio engine, my project is incompatible with WebGL builds, so instead, I have used and simply uploaded a zipped version of my Windows Build that can be downloaded and played.

With the power Wwise holds to make more immersive audio, surely this is a compromise worth making?

Check out the link here =>



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